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Sermon #1 to #140
2/10/1963Elc001 - Be Not Overcome Of Evil, But Overcome Evil With Good
3/24/1963Elc002 - We Are Not Children of the Bondwoman But of the Free
3/31/1963Elc003 - He Wist Not That The LORD Had Departed From Him
4/28/1963Elc004 - Follow In His Steps
5/12/1963Elc005 - A Kind of First Fruits of His Creation
6/9/1963Elc006 - The Riches of the Wisdom of God
6/16/1963Elc007 - God Is Love
6/30/1963Elc008 - Humble Yourselves Under The Mighty Hand Of God
7/21/1963Elc009 - Baptized Into His Death
8/4/1963Elc010 - As Many As Are Of The Spirit Are Sons Of God
10/2/1963Elc011 - Understand What The Will Of God Is
11/17/1963Elc012 - Baptized Into His Death
12/1/1963Elc013 - The Influence of Christ on Humanity
3/28/1971Elc014 - Pass Your Time Sojourning Here In Fear and Love
4/5/1964Elc015 - Feed My Lambs, Feed My Sheep
5/31/1964Elc016 - For Such A Time As This
1/3/1965Elc017 - King of the Jews
5/1/1965Elc018 - The Word of God Is Not Bound
6/13/1965Elc019 - Ordination of 3 sons (J. Kerr, J. Maxim, D. Williams)
2/5/1965Elc020 - Shall they fall and not rise again?
4/30/1967Elc021 - Sit Thou At My Right Hand
5/21/1967Elc022 - Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts
5/26/1967Elc023 - He Ascended Into Heaven and Sitteth At the Right Hand of God
5/28/1967Elc024 - Hear Oh Israel, the Lord Your God Is One
6/4/1967Elc025 - I AM the Lord Your God
10/30/1967Elc026 - The Just Shall Live By Faith
12/10/1967Elc027 - The Son of Man Is Coming In A Cloud
1/28/1968Elc028 - Go Ye and Make Disciples of All Nations
3/24/1968Elc029 - When Jesus Perceived They Would Take Him By Force To Make Him King
3/31/1968Elc030 - Liar, Fool, or True God
4/14/1968Elc031 - He Is Risen
4/21/1968Elc032 - Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen and Yet Believe
4/28/1968Elc033 - I AM the Good Shepherd
5/12/1968Elc034 - The Holy Spirit The Comforter
4/19/1968Elc035 - Whatsoever Ye Ask the Father in My Name
6/2/1968Elc036 - The Holy Ghost Shall Teach You All Things
6/16/1968Elc037 - Father Abraham, Send Lazarus That He May Testify
6/30/1968Elc038 - More Joy Over One Sinner Who Repents, Than Over 99
9/29/1969Elc039 - Message To Ministers
2/2/1969Elc040 - So Run That You May Obtain
2/9/1969Elc041 - My Grace is Sufficient for You
3/9/1969Elc042 - Ye Are Not Children of the Bond Woman
3/22/1969Elc043 - Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you a crown
4/20/1969Elc044 - Follow His steps
4/27/1969Elc045 - As Strangers and Pilgrims Abstain From Fleshly Lusts
5/18/1969Elc046 - He Was Taken Up
5/18/1969Elc046b - He Was Taken Up
6/14/1969Elc047 - Called to Serve
8/17/1969Elc048 - Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all nations
8/24/1969Elc048n - The Gospel By Which Ye Are Saved
9/21/1969Elc050 - Strengthened by the might of His Spirit
9/28/1969Elc051 - Walk Worthy of the Vocation Wherewith Ye Are Called
10/5/1969Elc052 - The Grace of God Which is Given You by Christ Jesus
9/27/1970Elc053 - For the Son of Man is Lord Even of the Sabbath
10/12/1969Elc054 - Take Off the Old Man and Put On the New Man
12/21/1969Elc055 - He Was Before Me
10/11/1969Elc056 - I AM the Vine, Ye are the Branches
5/23/1971Elc057 - Ephraim is a Cake Not Turned
9/13/1970Elc058 - The Pearl of Great Price
4/4/1971Elc059 - A Crown of Life
4/11/1971Elc060 - Because He Lives, We Too Shall Live
8/24/1969Elc061 - God Hast Made Us Able Ministers of the New Covenant
9/7/1969Elc062 - Walk In The Spirit
10/19/1969Elc063 - Strive for Perfection
11/2/1969Elc064 - Stand Faultless and Blameless Before Jesus When He Comes
11/9/1969Elc065 - Our Citizenship Is In Heaven
11/16/1969Elc066 - He Is Coming Back, As A Thief In The Night
11/23/1969Elc067 - Grieve Not With Tears To Hopelessness But With Tears of Hope
11/26/1969Elc068 - We Give Thee Thanks
11/30/1969Elc069 - What Child Is This? The Dayspring From On High
12/7/1969Elc070 - What Child Is This? The Son of Man
12/14/1969Elc071 - What Child Is This? Mightier Than I
12/25/1969Elc072 - What Child Is This? Your Savior Come To Bring Eternal Joy
1/4/1970Elc073 - King of the Gentiles and the Jews
1/18/1970Elc074 - His Glory Shone Forth
1/25/1970Elc075 - One Thing Is Needful - Listen to the Word of God
1/1/1970Elc076 - I AM the Resurrection and the Life
2/8/1970Elc077 - I Came to be a Servant
2/12/1970Elc078 - Is It I?
2/15/1970Elc079 - I Am Going to Jerusalem to Suffer and Die
2/18/1970Elc080 - Could Ye Not Watch With Me One Hour?
2/22/1970Elc081 - Rejoice In What Christ Has Done For You
2/25/1970Elc082 - How Then Shall the Scriptures Be Fulfilled?
3/1/1970Elc083 - I Came to Save Men, Not to Destroy Them
3/4/1970Elc084 - Art Thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?
3/8/1970Elc085 - I AM the Bread of Life
3/11/1970Elc086 - What is Truth?
3/15/1970Elc087 - Now is the Son of Man Glorified
3/18/1970Elc088 - Whom Do Ye Choose? Jesus or the World?
3/22/1970Elc089 - Be Thou Faithful Unto Death and I Will Give You a Crown of Life
3/26/1970Elc090 - Dost Thou Not Fear God?
3/27/1970Elc091 - My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me
3/29/1970Elc092 - He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!
4/5/1970Elc093 - Feed My Lambs, Feed My Sheep
4/12/1970Elc094 - Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
4/19/1970Elc095 - He Is a World Wide Savior
4/26/1970Elc096 - Jesus Asks, Will You Also Leave Me?
5/10/1970Elc097 - Train Up a Child In The Way They Should Go
5/17/1970Elc098 - Thank Christ Who Sent the Holy Spirit the Comforter
6/7/1970Elc099 - I Did Not Come to Call the Righteous, But to Call Sinners
6/14/1970Elc100 - More Joy In Heaven Over One Sinner Who Repenteth
6/21/1970Elc101 - Fathers, Provoke Not Your Children To Wrath
7/12/1970Elc102 - HE Was No Less Than God Amongst You
6/28/1970Elc103 - Ye Are the Salt of the Earth, the Light of the World
7/5/1970Elc104 - Thou Shalt Not Ratsach (murder)
8/9/1970Elc105 - Jesus Delights In Saving Sinners
8/16/1970Elc106 - If You Continue In My Word, I Will Free You From the Bondage of Hell
8/23/1970Elc107 - God Rejoices In Sacrificial Giving
8/30/1970Elc108 - Christ Is All Powerful
9/6/1970Elc109 - Come Unto Me All Ye That Labor and Are Heavy Laden
9/20/1970Elc110 - God The Holy Spirit Works Through the Word
10/4/1970Elc111 - Dost Thou Believe In the Deity of Christ?
10/18/1970Elc112 - Verily, Verily I Say Unto You, Except Ye Become As A Little Child
11/1/1970Elc113 - MY Will, First, Last, and Always
11/8/1970Elc114 - At the Last Day, I Will Judge the World
11/15/1970Elc115 - Will You Witness With My Word, For Me?
11/22/1970Elc116 - Blessed Are Those Servants, Who Are Found Ready When the Lord Comes
11/25/1970Elc117 - We Thank Thee - Lord God!
11/29/1970Elc118 - What Child Is This? The High Priest In Heaven
12/6/1970Elc119 - What Child Is This? The King of the Eternal Kingdom
12/13/1970Elc120 - What Child Is This? Like Moses, a Prophet, Teacher, and Preacher
12/20/1970Elc121 - What Child Is This? Emmanuel - God With Us
12/25/1970Elc122 - Oh Holy Night!
1/3/1971Elc123 - He Is King of the Jews and the Gentiles
10/29/1972Elc124 - The Reformation - It's Blessings
1/10/1971Elc125 - Don't Yoke Yourselves to Unbelievers
1/17/1971Elc126 - Wisdom From Heaven
1/24/1971Elc127 - Don't Be Ashamed of God's Good News
1/31/1971Elc128 - He Showed Them His Glory
2/7/1971Elc129 - Practice What You Preach
2/14/1971Elc130 - I Have You In My Heart
2/28/1971Elc131 - Jesus Our Strength From Temptation
3/7/1971Elc132 - If You Love God - Don't Love the World
3/14/1971Elc133 - God Is Holy, You Must Be Holy
3/21/1971Elc134 - Is Yours A Godly Sorrow?
4/18/1971Elc135 - He Is With Us Always
5/2/1971Elc136 - Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord
5/9/1971Elc137 - Lend Your Children to God
5/16/1971Elc138 - He Went Back Home
6/6/1971Elc139 - One God, Three Persons
6/13/1971Elc140 - Filled With Grace