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Sermon #141 to #226
6/20/1971Elc141 - He Restrained Not His Sons
7/4/1971Elc142 - Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem
7/11/1971Elc143 - Don't Delay Your Decision for Christ
8/8/1971Elc144 - Be a Witness for Jesus Christ
8/15/1971Elc145 - Sing a Song
8/22/1971Elc146 - Come Over to Macedonia and Help Us
8/29/1971Elc147 - Search the Scriptures
9/5/1971Elc148 - You Are a Royal Priesthood
9/12/1971Elc149 - Be Happy to go to Church
9/19/1971Elc150 - Yearn to be a Christian Example
9/26/1971Elc151 - We Cannot Be Our Own Savior
10/3/1971Elc152 - More Than Conquerers
10/10/1971Elc153 - Not Every Kind of Faith Saves You
10/17/1971Elc154 - Pray For Healing
10/24/1971Elc155 - Live Each Day to the Lord
11/7/1971Elc156 - Make Your Top Priority to be Blameless When Jesus Comes
11/4/1971Elc157 - Special Recognition - 65th Birthday
11/14/1971Elc158 - Special Recognition - afternoon
11/21/1971Elc159 - Don't Grieve for Your Christian Dead
11/24/1971Elc160 - Praise the Lord (Thanksgiving)
11/28/1971Elc161 - What Child Is This? (Peter) - The Indispensable One
12/5/1971Elc162 - What Child Is This? (Elder) The Lion of Judah
12/12/1971Elc163 - What Child Is This? (John) - He Is The Sinless One
12/24/1971Elc164 - What Child Is This? (Mary) He Is My Savior
.Elc165 - What Child Is This? (Christmas Eve) He Is Christ Our Savior
1/2/1972Elc166 - The Universal Savior
1/9/1972Elc167 - Repent - The Kingdom of God Is At Hand
1/23/1972Elc168 - He Showed Them His Glory
1/30/1972Elc169 - Blessed Are You
2/6/1972Elc170 - To What Shall I Liken This Generation
2/13/1972Elc171 - The Surprise Tragedy of the Ages
2/20/1972Elc172 - Give Us A Sign
2/16/1972Elc173 - I, Judas Iscariot
2/23/1972Elc174 - I, Peter
2/27/1972Elc175 - He Cometh To Seek and To Save the Lost
3/12/1972Elc176 - What A Marvelous God He Is
3/8/1972Elc177 - I Caiaphas
3/15/1972Elc178 - I, Pilate
3/19/1972Elc179 - If Any Man Will Keep My Saying, He Shall Never See Death
3/26/1972Elc180 - Choose This Day Whom Ye Shall Serve
3/22/1972Elc181 - I, Simon of Cyrene
3/20/1972Elc182 - I, the Penitent Thief
3/31/1972Elc183 - I, Longinus, the Centurion
12/24/1972Elc184 - Mary's Story
4/2/1972Elc185 - He Lives!!!
4/16/1972Elc186 - My Church Shall Prevail Til the End of Time
4/23/1972Elc187 - Surrender - Suffer - Submit
5/7/1972Elc188 - Rejoice, He Went Back Home
5/10/1972Elc189 - Carry Your Children In Your Heart
5/28/1972Elc190 - Repent And Be Baptized
6/4/1972Elc191 - I Am the Light That Has Come Into the World
6/11/1972Elc192 - Search The Scriptures
6/18/1972Elc193 - Father's Day Sermon
6/25/1972Elc194 - Now Is the Acceptable Time
8/6/1972Elc197 - Little Things Mean A Lot to God
8/13/1972Elc198 - Become As A Little Child
8/20/1972Elc199 - Beware of Playing to the Grandstand
8/27/1972Elc200 - I Came to Set the World On Fire
9/3/1972Elc201 - Have a Divine Love for One Another
9/10/1972Elc202 - Remember Lot's Wife
9/17/1972Elc203 - Saved by Grace
2/25/1968Elc204 - Complete service and explanation of each part
9/24/1972Elc205 - All Power - In Heaven and Earth
10/1/1972Elc206 - God's Will Be Done
10/17/1972Elc207 - I AM Your Master
10/22/1972Elc208 - Oh the Joy That Comes from Sharing Christ
11/12/1972Elc209 - One Way to Heaven - Jesus Christ
11/19/1972Elc210 - Watch - Be Ready for My Return
11/22/1972Elc211 - Oh Give Thanks Unto the Lord
11/19/1972Elc212 - I Am the Resurrection and the Life
12/10/1972Elc213 - Thy King Cometh Unto You
12/17/1972Elc214 - A Priest Forever, After the Order of Melchizedek
12/24/1972Elc215 - Emmanuel God With Us
12/31/1972Elc216 - I Have You In My Heart (farewell sermon)
11/14/1965Elc217 - Thunder, Lightning, and Sunshine
11/14/1965Elc217s - Recognition of 28 Years of Each Dr Hollensen and Dr Schillinger
7/17/1972Elc218 - 50th Ordination of Rev Baseler and 35th Ordination of Rev Hollensen
7/17/1972Elc218s - Special Recognition of Rev Baseler
5/10/1965Elc220 - Train Up A Child
5/30/1965Elc221 - Love God and Love Your Neighbor
.Elc223 - A Message from John the Apostle
.Elc224 - He Who Does Not Gather With Me - Scatters
.Elc224a - Memories of Emanuel Lutheran Church
9/15/1974Elc226 - 100 Year Anniversary of Emanuel Lutheran Church